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    You must be wondering why go through the trouble to make pasta when it is so easy to pick it up from the store. Somehow, fresh-made pasta has this wonderful texture that is just not attainable with dried ones. Once you’ve tried the fresh-made ones, you would not want to go back to the dried stuff.

    This pasta dough recipe was adapted from a booklet that came with my bread maker. Initial kneading was done with the bread maker, so all that’s needed is to cut up the dough and place it through a pasta machine. If you don’t have a mixer / food processor, just knead the dough by hand.

    I’m so glad the pasta turned out beautifully. And there’s just something about working with your hands that’s really therapeutic and soulful.


    Pasta dough (adapted from Breville recipe book)


    5 eggs

    1 tbp olive oil

    1 tsp salt

    380g (2 1/2 cups) plain flour

    170g (1 cup) semolina (sugee)




    Combine all ingredients in a mixer / food processor or by hand.

    If using a mixer, switch to dough hook attachment and knead dough until smooth, about 7 minutes and add more flour if necessary.

    (If mixing by hand, knead the dough for 10 to 15 minutes until smooth and no longer sticky. Add a little more flour if it is sticky.)

    Wrap dough in plastic bag and set it aside for at least 40 minutes, or refrigerate overnight. Allow dough do come to room temperature before rolling it out.

    Roll and cut the dough into desired shape. Dust liberally with flour to prevent the strands from sticking together.

    Cook in salted boiling water until it is just tender.

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