• Mike’s chicken rice

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    When an old friend, Mike, invited us over to his place, I thought we’re going to have a barbeque. To my surprise, he made chicken rice.

    I didn’t even know Mike can cook, let alone a dish like chicken rice.

    If you know Mike, you would be surprised too. But the verdict is out. Mike can cook. And he’s really good.


    Connie’s cheesecake cooling on the rack


    We had chocolate cheesecake for dessert, made by Mike’s lovely wife, Connie. It was so delicious, I forgot to take a shot of the sliced cheesecake. How am I gonna be a food blogger…





    The chef in action






    The fact that Mike toiled for hours in the kitchen to feed his hungry friends – that, to me, is the essence of cooking. It’s about nourishing the ones you love. It’s about friendship, it’s about sharing and being together.

    This may not be the utmost best chicken rice in the world, but it’s one of my most memorable because it is made with love.


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