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    1. July 19, 2012 at 9:12 am

      Hiya, vkeong Yeah, Yut Kee Rest~ Hainanese style, like most ppl posetd above, is actually kinda watery style.As you can see, most of the customers ordered Pork Chop lah For their bread and kaya, it is recommended to go for Steamed. Still, some ppl just love their bread like Roti Bakar-chrunchiness though.Speaking of the Roasted Pork, if wanna take away the whole set, it was cost at RM100++ last time i’ve bought it. Of course, it was CNY that time and my mom told me to make a reservation for it, just in case.By the way, the owner, Jack Lee, he’s the one in charge of the kitchen. The chubby cashier guy is his son. Jack’s wife is the lady in charge of the customers and sometimes slicing the roasted pork there. For more information, the wife do open her own restaurant and it was just behind. Called The Bodhi Tree. Do Google it. Cheers~ Regards,M@Y from LYN

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