• Homemade ciabatta – first attempt

    by  • July 14, 2012 • Recipes • 4 Comments

    My first attempt at making ciabatta was quite a messy affair.

    I thought I followed the recipe to a t, and for some reason which I still haven’t figured out, the dough was way too wet to be shaped by hand. And by wet, I mean almost pouring consistency.

    Not one to give up easily, I tried to salvage the dough. So I poured it into a baking tin and left to rise for about an hour before plonking it into the oven.

    This is how it turned out..



    The result was surprisingly quite decent – slightly chewy texture with airy crumb. Not too bad for first trial.

    I cut it up into squares, made sandwiches and kept the rest in the freezer. Meanwhile, let me fine-tune the recipe and hopefully I’ll be able to hand shape my ciabatta to look like, well, a ciabatta.



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