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    It has been really hot lately. To cool down the heat, K and I have been making frequent visits to this roadside stall in Pudu for chinese herbal tea (liang cha 涼茶).

    Manned by an elderly couple, it opens only at night, usually after 9pm.

    It is always quite crowded and business is brisk. This is the real stuff, potent and strong-tasting, unlike the watered down liang cha more commonly found elsewhere.


    The herbal tea here is brewed over charcoal fire, which gives it a smoky aftertaste. If you’re feeling heaty or coming down with sore throat, ask for addition of the powdered mixture for a quick-fix to dispel body heat.


    I’m always amused by the antics of the elderly uncle manning the stall. One look at you and he will able to diagnose that you’re ‘heaty’, coming down with sore throat or some heaty ailments. By the way, the diagnosis is free – as a value added service.

    The stall is located along Jalan Pasar, just a short walk away from Pudu Wai Sek Kai. The uncle’s amusing antics alone is worth the trip. Google map here

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