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    A dear friend was in Paris and got me a box of Pierre Hermé macaron. I’m really blessed to have such thoughtful friends.

    When I took a bite, I was speechless for at least for a good minute – I usually try not to talk with my mouth full (I still have my manners). And also because the flavors were so intriguing that I was trying to figure out what they were.


    Frankly, I can’t say which I’d prefer – Ladurée or Pierre Hermé. I like them both actually. Ladurée has more classic flavors, while Pierre Hermé is more innovative with flavors like Pistachio/Ceylon Cinnamon/Morello Cherries, Olive Oil/Mandarin and Rose/Lychee/Raspberry for its Spring 2012 creations.

    You really can’t go wrong with either one.


    Few of my favorite are the Venezuela dark chocolate, pistachio/cinnamon/morello cherries and surprisingly the salted butter caramel. My tastebud has just gotten acquainted with salty-sweet combo and it is addictive!


    Except for a few bits of well-lodged crumbs in the edges, I managed to scrape the box clean with a spoon.

    Note to self: to pick up macaron from Sadaharu Aoki if I visit Tokyo/Paris – just to compare – as Amri had put it when he got me the Pierre Hermé.








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