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    I just couldn’t help laughing when K recounted how he had ordered hokkien mee at Sek Yuen. Hokkien mee is one of K’s favourite stir-fried dish and he will ask for it without a second thought, even in a place that serves mainly Cantonese food.

    The elderly uncle told him point blank that they don’t serve it and he can always get it from across the road. I can imagine the snubbed look on his elderly face when he said that.


    What I like most about Sek Yuen is how it seems almost unchanged through the years. It’s as if this place has stood still in time – from the authentic dishes, wood-fired stoves, retro ceiling fans and furniture, to the quaint wrapping for takeaways.

    Here’s hoping it will always stay the same.


    Sek Yuen Restaurant,  313-315, Jalan Pudu, KL.

    Tel: +603-9222 0903  /  +603-9222 9457

    Google map here

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