• Hakka food at Seong Kee, PJ old town

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    I’ve never considered myself much of a pork-eater until I switched job a few years ago. In my current workplace, non-halal dishes are only available a long drive away, which is logistically challenging if you’re on a one-hour lunch break.

    To make up for ‘lost time’, my dinners and weekends would usually consist of pork.


    One of the things the Hakkas do really well are pork dishes. I get my constant fix at Seong Kee in PJ old town. The seats may not be very comfortable. And the heat does get to you on a hot sunny day. But the food is what makes it all worthwhile.

    Still very much a family run operation, the yong tau foo is made to order to ensure freshness. The filling is slightly firm yet tender,  with just the right ratio of pork and fish.


    Seong Kee serves a few traditional Hakka dishes. I especially love their pork leg with vinegar (猪脚醋), with its tangy, slightly spicy gravy and tender meat. I would usually just slurp up all the gravy!  Their braised pork with braised fungus (炸肉) is excellent too.


    Another typical Hakka dish served here is abacus beads (算盘子). It’s like a local version of gnocchi or spätzle. I like carbs in all forms, so you can bet this is always on my list.

    While the offerings at Seong Kee may not be extensive, all dishes on the menu are done really, really well.

    Gerai Seong Kee
    35, Taman Selera, (corner of Jalan Othman & Jalan Selangor)
    Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
    Tel: +6016-254 9454
    Business Hours: Open daily 12pm – 9pm. Close on Tuesdays.
    Google map here

    Price: yong tau foo RM1.30 each, other dishes from RM10

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      Hawker food are so expensive now after GST, please check this out

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