• Warorot market, Chiang Mai

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    I didn’t mind waking up early to visit Warorot market. We had a full day ahead and the only way I could sneak in a visit was to sacrifice some sleep. Which I gladly did.

    It was barely dawn when I made my way to Warorot. The streets seem unusually sombre and deserted.

    Just a short walk away at Warorot market, the mood was the exact opposite – vibrant, bustling and full of life.

    I adore Thai food. And to actually see the various ingredients and fresh produce that goes into it was quite an eye-opener.

    Warorot market is where the locals do their shopping. Prices here are usually cheaper and the variety is pretty extensive.


    There is a small section in the market dedicated to flowers and various altar offerings.


    I stopped for breakfast at one of the stalls inside the market. What I had reminded me of kway chap, the Teochew dish of flat rice sheets. Instead of pig offal and duck meat, this Thai version is served with boiled and fried pork slices, which gives it a nice contrast in texture. The soup was hearty and full of flavor, just what I needed to start the day.


    Warorot Market is a mish mash of everything. Other than flowers, fresh produce and condiments, you can also find clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewellry, lacquerware, handicrafts, sunglasses, watches, souvenirs, and a whole load of other stuff.

    I didn’t get to explore this market as much as I would like to. If only I could spend more time here.

    Warorot Market is opened daily from 6am to about 6 pm. Shops around the market are open 7pm till 11pm.


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