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    I have a thing for street food. A big thing. And one of the best part about living in Malaysia is the plentiful street food. They’re pretty much everywhere, sometimes even in the most unexpected nooks and corners.


    I like how quick, convenient and affordable street food is. Whether you are rich or not, a Datuk or an office boy, we are all united by our love for delicious street side grub.

    I recently came across this roadside stall in Cheras called Fei Ma - meaning fat mama in Cantonese. If you’re into fried stuff, you’re definitely in for a treat.


    The sweet potato balls are delightful – slightly crisp on the outside, and fluffily moist inside with generous amount of mashed sweet potato. I thought it was much better than the supposedly famous one in Petaling Street.

    Fei Ma’s curry puff is delicious, with its flaky crust and generous filling of flavorful curried potato, chicken slices and boiled egg.

    Fei Ma also serves a variety of fried snacks like goreng pisang, leek pancake and fried popiah.


    Fei Ma
    Jalan Emas 1, Cheras, Selangor
    Here’s the google map to Fei Ma. Watch out for K.F.L. coffee shop, this roadside stall is just further down.

    Prices: Sweet potato balls – RM1 for four, curry puff – RM1.60 each, others RM1 – RM2.

    Opening hours: 4pm – about 930pm, Wednesday – Sunday.
    Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.


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