• Rojak Mamak and the famous Mee Rebus at Dang Wangi

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    Most KLites would’ve heard of this famous mee rebus stall near Yut Kee coffee shop . It is located in the back lane of Jalan Dang Wangi and is probably as popular as its well-known neighbor, Yut Kee.

    The mee rebus is definitely one of the better ones around town, with its flavor-packed gravy.


    Other than mee rebus, this stall also serves rojak mamak. A really mean rojak mamak.

    The gravy is fantastic, coupled with tender boiled potatoes, fried tofu, dough fritters and a generous serving of shredded turnip and cucumber.

    While this stall has been featured in the local daily and many food blogs for its mee rebus, it’s surprising that there isn’t much mention of its utterly yummy rojak mamak.

    So, the next time you’re here, don’t forget to ask for this lesser known dish.

    Asyiq’s Mee Rebus
    To locate Asyiq’s stall, look out for Yut Kee coffee shop at Jalan Dang Wangi. The stall is just behind Yut Kee. Google map here

    Saturday – Thursday: 8am – 2.30pm
    Friday: 8am – 1pm

    Price: RM4 – RM6


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