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    It was barely a year ago when we stepped into a humble little bakery off Jalan Ipoh –  an artisan bakery in the most unexpected place.

    The aroma of freshly baked bread, rustic loaves piled up on the shelves, handwritten notes on the wall and french radio playing in the background – it was a delightful change from the usual polished (and less personal) interior of most bakeries in KL.

    I still remember being greeted with a cheerful ‘hello’ by Tommy le Baker, dressed in slim-fit orange gingham shirt. What a stylish baker, I thought to myself.

    Tommy was friendly, likeable, chatty, animated even. We chatted like long lost friends over sourdough, pastries and sandwiches. We learned how Tommy had gone to France to master the language and ended up learning to bake.

    He shared with us how he started the bakery, the challenges of operating a new business and training his two staff, Po Siang and Jony.


    The tables were barely filled. I spotted two other customers having a cuppa. Occasionally, someone would drop by to pick up a loaf of bread.

    Our subsequent visits were always enjoyable – with delicious bread and pastries, relaxed ambiance, an amiable Tommy in his usual chatty self, and one very memorable birthday ‘cake’.

    One year on, my favorite artisan bakery is going stronger than ever. Tommy has been featured in the local paper, radio and most recently, the popular local TV program – Taste with Jason.

    Now, his bread is usually sold out before closing time.

       Tommy le Baker – then and now

    I’m really happy with how things have turned out for Tommy.

    He’s a person who believes in what he does and is absolutely passionate about his craft. He is an artisan, a believer, a fighter and most of all, a kind person who is true to himself.

    Tommy’s mum, fondly termed by her son as ‘retro waitress’. Photo by Tommy le Baker



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