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    It’s always market day in London. Any day of the week, there’s bound to be one, somewhere in London.

    I’m sure this is where I’ll beĀ spending most of my time if I were living here.

    On a quick stopover in London, I visited the market.

    It was fun pottering around, checking out the fresh produce, cheeses, local baked goods and other stuff.

    How I wish I could bring it all home. But as I’ve learned traveling, you don’t have to buy everything. Just enjoy it while you’re there.

    Like this delicious sausage sandwich at Marylebone farmer’s market.

    Or these scrumptious baked goods at Broadway Market.

    Before leaving, I packed two small slices of Mrs. Bourne’s cheese to savour when I’m home.

    List of London farmers’ marketĀ here.
    Other markets here.

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