• Kaiseki in Nishiki Arashiyama, Kyoto

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    My first kaiseki was at Nishiki Arashiyama.

    While I was looking forward to a multi-course feast, what I didn’t expect was a visual treat.

    To be frank, I wasn’t sure what some of the dishes were as the nice lady who served us spoke only Japanese. This made it even more fun, and no less delicious.

    First dish was a slightly-roasted tofu with mustard in the middle. I never thought this combination would work so well.

    Seasonal fish sashimi

    Clear, flavorful broth with a squirt of sudachi (Japanese citrus), served in a little ‘teapot’.

    Grilled anago (saltwater eel) – I find it less fatty than unagi and has a delicate, slightly sweet taste.

    Right – Zosui (Japanese rice soup) was a satisfying end to the meal

    I had the 8-course meal (4600 yen) and K ordered the 9-course (6100 yen). The difference between the two was the dessert, and the grilled anago that came with the 9-course meal – which I think is worth a try. Most anago comes from the wild, mainly out of the seas of Japan.

    The kaiseki at Nishiki Arashiyama is one of the best value ones around.

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