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    Going down south always feels a bit like coming home. After all, this is where I spent a good decade of my life.

    Despite the crazy rise in property prices, food here remains quite affordable. I’m surprised that a bowl of noodles still cost SGD2.50 and you can even get ice-blended juice for SGD1!


    A visit to the hawker centre is a must. And I finally got my fix of mee pok.

    The culinary scene here is vibrant, with lots of new restaurants and eateries.

    One of the more unique meals I had was the bijin nabe -  a “beauty hot pot” of collagen-rich organic chicken broth. You eat it as you would with a steamboat, dipping and cooking the ingredients in the delicious nutrient-packed broth.

    This is how the collagen broth looks like when served.

    Heat it up and it turns into a yummy, slightly sticky (it’s the collagen) broth.

    Singapore has attracted many famous chefs to it’s sunny shores – including one of my favorite – Jamie Oliver.

    Max, my buddy, told me how horrendous the queue was when she last visited Jamie’s Italian and with a kid in tow, she finally gave up. Only a small fraction of reservation is available online and I’d heard that the next available table is in 3 months!

    You can imagine how thrilled I was when we were able to score a table, just by walking in on a late Sunday morning.

    All the dishes we had were really good and reasonably priced. The ambiance is great – tastefully decorated, casual and welcoming.

    This is one place I’ve bookmarked on my ‘regular list’.

    And if you’re a Jamie Oliver fan, there are lots on merchandise you can pick up after a satisfying meal.

    I had a bit of time to stroll around. Went into the National Library, and was pleasantly surprised to find a good selection of cookbooks.

     Something old, something new


     Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice – still around after all these years


    The skyline is very different from what I remember.

    There’s always so much going on here..so much has changed. And yet so much hasn’t.


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