• Nasi Campur – Gerai No.3 @ Cheras Velodrome

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    It’s been a good day if I had a good meal. Not necessarily anything fancy or expensive, just simple dishes done really well.

    And it was one of those days when we discovered this Malay food stall in Cheras Velodrome.

    There is a decent variety of nasi campur here. Nothing elaborate, just simple homey dishes using the freshest ingredients.

    I especially like the ayam kampung goreng (which literally means fried village chicken). It looks scrawny, but taste great – tender lean meat with just the right amount of spices.

    The tempoyak (fermented durian) is worth checking out if you’re a fan. It’s pungent, salty and slightly sweet – strictly an acquired taste. Go for it if you like blue cheese or feeling a bit adventurous.

    Gerai No.3

    Medan Selera Velodrome, Cheras

    Google map here

    Open from 10.30 am till after lunch.


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