• To travel is to live

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    When news first broke, I was hoping it’d be fake.

    My love for street food is in no small part thanks to him.

    He inspired me to travel and go beyond my comfort zone, visiting places I would otherwise never have given a second thought and ¬†eating all sorts of weird stuff – even fermented shark. And he’s right, it’s the worst thing to eat.

    People always have the perception that it takes lots of money to travel.
    For me, it’s all about priorities. ¬†Well, I drive an old, beat-up 10 years old Myvi and couldn’t be happier.

    Travelling has made me aware of how small we are in this universe, how much there is to learn, to explore, to see and do. And I am a much better person because of my travels.

    So many bittersweet memories, unforgettable sights, incredible meals,..sometimes the experiences I’ve had felt almost unreal.

    A shy, couch potato like me to travel many times, alone, in a foreign city. And interacting with complete strangers, sharing a meal, which turned out to be one of my most memorable.

    It’s been quite a ride.

    Yeah, I think I’m gonna just book that trip I’ve been mulling over.


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