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    To say that I am not the least annoyed by this whole Daryl Aiden Yow saga would be a lie. This guy really made a mockery out of all photography lovers.

    Here we are honing our skills, travelling to far-off places, waiting for hours, at times in subzero temperatures, just to get that perfect shot. And he conveniently photoshopped someone else’s images and claimed these as his own.
    Yeah, my photos may not be as stunning, but at least they were taken by me. And I was actually there.

    The extent to which some people would go to land jobs, milk sponsorships and advertising dollars is appalling.

    Brands being eager to associate their products with influencers has given rise to an unhealthy culture. Likes and followers can be bought (pun intended). Photos stolen, edited and passed off as one’s own.

    Which leads to my next question. Isn’t there any proper screening before engaging a photographer or influencer? And we are talking about big brands like Sony and Uniqlo.

    How long would he have carried on had he not been found out? As much as I would like to believe he is remorseful, something tells me he is just sorry he got caught.

    A prominent person once told me that the most important thing in life is the TRUTH. It may not make you famous or popular, but in the end, that is what matters most.

    I couldn’t agree more.



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