• A greedy girl’s guide to eating (a lot)

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    Surround yourself with food lovers. Better still, marry one.

    Not only will you share wonderful foodie memories, you can also deflect some of the calories that comes with it.


    Carry dried sour plums with you. At all times. Pop one after every meal to work up the appetite.

    You never know what good food lurks around the corner. Your next meal may be sooner than you would expect.


    Keep a dog, or two. You may need to tapau unfinished food and it helps to have two hungry beasts at home waiting to devour your leftovers.


    Taipei – no signboard beef noodle


    Keep a lookout for places with no signboard, no menu and a queue

    Or those that serve only one or two dishes. More often than not, these are where you can find delicious food.


    Google is your friend

    I have discovered lots of great eating places through Google.

    As with most things in life, there’s always hits and misses. But the rewards of an amazing meal far outweigh the so-so ones.

    Make sure you have mobile data. Especially so in a foreign country. You will need it for navigation and for marking down new discoveries.

    Most roadside stalls with awesome street food are not on Google maps. Some are so good, you wouldn’t mind going back.



    As much as you can, as far as you can. Better still, go off the beaten path.

    Suburbs and non-touristy areas tend to have lots of great food. Even if you are in a popular tourist spot, you may want to skip the main road and take the alley or alternative route.



    Talk to the locals

    The cab driver, the bellboy, the receptionist, people you meet on your journey, or those who live in the area.

    Locals are great resources for your next foodie find. Ask where they like to eat. Usually, they have at least a handful of favourite places.

    Happy eating!


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