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    Rojak Mamak and the famous Mee Rebus at Dang Wangi

    by  • December 2, 2012 • Street food • 0 Comments

    mee rebus asyiq

    Most KLites would’ve heard of this famous mee rebus stall near Yut Kee coffee shop . It is located in the back lane of Jalan Dang Wangi and is probably as popular as its well-known neighbor, Yut Kee. The mee rebus is definitely one of the better ones around town, with its flavor-packed gravy.    Other than mee...

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    Fei Ma’s curry puff & fried snacks

    by  • November 2, 2012 • Street food • 0 Comments

    fei ma curry puff3

    I have a thing for street food. A big thing. And one of the best part about living in Malaysia is the plentiful street food. They’re pretty much everywhere, sometimes even in the most unexpected nooks and corners.   I like how quick, convenient and affordable street food is. Whether you are rich or...

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    Nasi lemak pandan at D Bayan Cafe

    by  • October 13, 2012 • Dining, Street food • 0 Comments

    d bayan cafe2

    nasi lemak pandan with fried cockles, fried egg and stir-fried string beans   One of the things I love about KL is how food is so easily available, anytime and almost anywhere. We have abundance of  street food, hawker centers and mamak stalls that stay open way past midnight (some even operate round the clock)....

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    Hakka food at Seong Kee, PJ old town

    by  • October 6, 2012 • Dining, Street food • 1 Comment

    seong kee pork trotter vinegar

    I’ve never considered myself much of a pork-eater until I switched job a few years ago. In my current workplace, non-halal dishes are only available a long drive away, which is logistically challenging if you’re on a one-hour lunch break. To make up for ‘lost time’, my dinners and weekends would usually consist of...

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    Chee cheong fun at Petaling Street

    by  • August 11, 2012 • Street food • 1 Comment

    petaling street chee cheong fun 4

    This is how I sometimes start my day – with simple, back-to-basics chee cheong fun. Just plain, sliced rice noodle rolls with spicy-sweet sauce and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds.   Tucked in a corner of Petaling Street, this chee cheong fun stall is quite popular. By night, this place serves the well-known Kim Lian...

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    Liang cha in Pudu

    by  • July 29, 2012 • Street food • 1 Comment

    liang cha at pudu2

    It has been really hot lately. To cool down the heat, K and I have been making frequent visits to this roadside stall in Pudu for chinese herbal tea (liang cha 涼茶). Manned by an elderly couple, it opens only at night, usually after 9pm. It is always quite crowded and business is brisk. This...

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    Uncle Hu’s pau & dim sum

    by  • May 25, 2012 • Street food • 2 Comments

    uncle lo pau1

    It has been quite a while since I last had Uncle Hu’s pau. Some time ago, I came by for my favourite homemade pau and found that his stall was not there. I was back again the next day, the following week and a short while after that before it hit me that maybe...

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    Wantan Mee at Pudu Market, Kuala Lumpur

    by  • April 14, 2012 • Dining, Street food • 0 Comments

    wantan mee@pudu market11

    This is one of the best wantan mee I’ve had in a long, long time. Al dente wantan noodles drenched in lardy soya sauce. Forget about calorie count, this is worth breaking your diet for.   Located next to the main entrance of Pudu Market, this noodle stall seems to have a loyal following. We were...

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    Ngap Keok Pau at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur

    by  • November 30, 2011 • Street food • 0 Comments

    sei ngan chai3

    Where food is concerned, innards are not really my thing. But I would make an exception for Petaling Street – Sei Ngan Chai’s ngap keok pau (a delicacy comprising a slice of pork, a slice of liver and a duck’s foot around which intestine is wrapped to form a parcel). Still priced at RM1.50,...

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